“Heavenly music”
Fairfield County Catholic
"The concert was a graced moment for everyone who attended. The music was magnificent, and the people who attended were clearly moved on many levels."
Bishop Frank J. Caggiano, Bridgeport, Connecticut
“A huge success... a moving experience.”
Fairfield County Catholic
"I found the June event at Carnegie Hall to be exceptional in every respect. It was not only spiritually uplifting, but also opened up a new dimension to my musical appreciation.”
Archbishop Leonard P. Blair, Hartford, Connecticut
"The concert was an amazing experience, both musically and spiritually."
Bishop David M. O'Connell, Trenton, New Jersey
"Parts... were engaging because of their intensity and power; others were sweetly comforting because of their gentleness and simplicity. Prayer is often described as the "lifting of the heart and soul to God." In that respect, Revie's composition... was a prayer for me."
Bishop David M. O'Connell, Trenton, New Jersey
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